Case Study: High-Definition Industrial Monitor Improves Batch Accuracy

Advantages in process control from the 2123AA low-cost, 15.6” industrial touch screen solution.

2123AA Series


Identifying a long lasting, reliable and durable replacement to control batch production machinery, in place of the commercial PCs that keep failing when exposed to the frequent vibrations, jolts, vapors and fumes common to hazardous areas.


A flexible, durable and compact 15.6” high definition color touch screen monitor in a cast aluminum enclosure that connects to remote PC workstation with 75’ cable harness transmitting HDMI video, touch screen monitor and power.


  • Decreased Costs: Minimized replacement and maintenance costs required for commercial grade technology by opting for an industrial monitor and moving the commercial PC to a remote location. In turn, this reduced the risk of lost revenue resulting from production downtime.
  • Increase Efficiency: Improved efficiency and accuracy for batch production by increasing accessibility, flexibility, durability and reliability of an industrial touch screen.
  • Higher Safety: Installed durable equipment designed with tough materials (including shatterproof LCD and cast aluminum enclosure) that would not risk exposing technician to flying parts, sparks or ignition when operating in environment with paint, fumes and vapors.
  • Proven Results: Increased volume and accuracy of batch production.


Auto body shops were increasingly having a difficult time accurately mixing auto paint on-site. Frequent technology failures resulting from using commercial grade computers in paint mixing areas had significant financial implications, both from replacement costs and down time. The increasing costs associated with downtime and replacing technology were impacting the industry as a whole.

An industrial grade solution was necessary for the auto body shops that would help maximize uptime and increase batch accuracy. Looking to process automation facilities as ‘best practices’, Daisy engineers determined that auto body shops could continue to use their commercial grade off the shelf PCs in an off-site location. In the mixing room, technicians would need an industrial grade monitor paired with a high-precision scale that could connect via cable to the off-site PC.

The industrial grade monitor had very important specifications that would ensure it would offer a long-lasting solution in the auto body shops. It needed to be certified for Division 2 environments, to ensure it remained operable among the vibrations, paint, fumes and vapors common in paint mixing facilities.

The industrial display also needed to have a high-definition color LCD touch screen that would allow operators to use color matching software to ensure batch accuracy, as well as touch friendly screen to easily control the mixing machines. The accuracy of the color in the screen was high priority in the design of these industrial grade monitors.

The end result was the 2123 industrial monitor, a flexible and powerful viewing solution for advanced process control. This cast aluminum industrial 15.6” touch screen features an HD color LCD multi-touch display approved by FM for Division 2 applications. With a 75’ cable harness connecting the HDMI touch screen, video and power to a commercial grade PC in a remote location, integration with a broad variety of automation equipment and software is simple and easy. For maximum viewing capabilities, the multi-touch display also featured an adjustable stand, as well as a VESA mounting pattern.

Other Applications

The 2123AA industrial monitor is a low-cost, flexible HD monitor that can be connected to a PC using the cable harness or a KVM extender in any Division 2/Zone 2 hazardous area.  It is designed to enhance process control and would be a great solution for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical facilities that frequently use industrial monitors to monitor and control batch production.

Other industries that will find the 2123AA to be a great solution in process and machine control is petrochemical, as it derives chemical and plastic products from petroleum, as well as a reliable monitor to control drill and well performance in the oil and natural gas exploration as well.

An integrated PC is also in development to offer a complete solution for process control in hazardous locations.

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