Industrial Touchscreen Computer

Introducing the latest in large format industrial technology for process control and automation — the 42” Industrial Computer.

Daisy is expanding its product lines to include a 42” high definition LCD size to meet the growing needs for large format displays with increased viewing capabilities. Designed to meet NEMA 4X and IP64 ratings, the 42” industrial technology makes monitoring and controlling automation machinery and line performance both easily accessible and viewable by mounting in directly on factory floor. Industries that will benefit from large format industrial computers are chemical, food, pharmaceutical and paint processing facilities.

Meticulously designed to offer superb viewing quality, the 42” high definition LCD screen features up to 1920×1080 screen resolution in 16:9 format. To allow additional control and access, the large-format industrial PC can be further customizable with an i7 processor a multi-touch projective capacitive shatterproof touch screen (operable with thin gloves).

With this industrial technology, operators working in highly sterile environments are no longer restricted to small screen sizes or remote access of machinery and performance. They can now control and monitor performance of machinery directly on the production floor, without compromising the integrity of the computer, machine, processes or facilities. The improved visibility and operability over production line performance translates in increased efficiency, performance and production.

Daisy’s 4150AA series is the first product line to feature the extra-large design in NEMA 4X/IP64 rated durable, aseptic industrial technology. This extra-large industrial PC operates safely and efficiently in processing facilities giving operators unprecedented viewing capabilities of the robust dashboards generated from automation software; viewing critical operational data and control machinery directly on the factory floor.

The 42” Industrial Computer is the latest in Daisy’s continued R&D focus in developing industrial technology solutions for process automation. Its launch is part of Daisy’s strategic plan focused on expanding product lines and offer technology to further streamline production processes. With the unique ability to offer custom solutions, industries such as the food and pharmaceutical processing look to Daisy to develop industrial technology to increase production, decrease downtime and overhead translating to better output and margins.

Daisy’s large format industrial technology can also be designed, tested and rated to streamline upstream and midstream processes in the oil and gas industry; as well as potential to serve our military in mission critical operations.