To control complex processes completed by machine and automation equipment, production supervisors rely on industrial machine-to-machine human machine interface systems (M2M HMIs). They can be placed on the factory floor close to the processing lines to monitor, trouble shoot and optimize line performance. Industrial HMIs offer improved hardware, software flexibility and comprehensive device management on the factory floor.  

Food processing facilities invest in industrial HMIs that are designed to endure wash down procedures to disinfect equipment; cleaning protocol that is in compliance with federal regulations. All industrial equipment must be cleaned and sanitized every day, typically washed down with harsh chemical-based cleaning agents, high pressure hose directed cleaners at high temperatures. 

As such, industrial HMIs feature an aseptic, washdown design in a fully sealed, stainless steel enclosure that has a corrosion and chemical resistant surface with beveled edges. They are designed and tested to meet either IP64 or IP66 rating certifying that the units are dust proof and water tight.  

In fact, numerous processing industries use a clean-in-place (CIP) method to ensure their equipment is properly sanitized without dissembling the units. Industrial HMIs must remain operable, without significant damage or corrosion during this very hygienic form of cleaning and are commonly used by the following industries: dairy, beverage, brewing, corn wet milling, processed foods and cosmetics.