Fishing processing vessels (also known as factory ships) have extensive on-board facilities for processing fish or seafoodBarges and freezer trawler are equipped to fully process the catch on board, as well as flash freezing the fish to the customers standards. Factory freezer vessels (barges or trawlers) can process fish into fillets, package and then freeze them within hours of being caught and store them until they return to land. The waste products can be converted to fish meal and oil on board as well. Such fishing processing vessels can be in the ocean for up to six weeks a time.  

As such, these vessels are outfitted with the same industrial grade computers and monitors in land-based processing facilities. Industrial computers and monitors allow for good hygiene practices when processing fish and seafood.  

Industrial computers and monitors designed for food processing facilities, whether on land or sea, are typically made of stainless steel equipment that can be easily washed down using cleaning agents to maintain sanitary conditions. They are designed to meet either IP66 or NEMA 4/4X standards, which protects the internal components from debris. Shipboard industrial computers and monitors also designed with minimal moving parts to tolerate shock and vibration, as well as a wide temperature range.   

The best industrial solutions for onboard processing procedures have touch screens for maximum readability. With bright screen resolution, operators can view the screens and use the multi-touch touch screen capabilities to access processing software and control machines with ease. 

The fishing industry is also transitioning to “smart boats” that use modern industrial technology to automate and monitor processes, providing real time information from remote locations. The industrial computers and monitors aboard these vessels use cellular connectivity to transmit production data.   

Below deck, you will find the 4700 series and 2700 series on fishing processing vessels because they can be washed down with cleaning agents, and have easy to read touch screens that simplify control and oversight of processing and freezing procedures.