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Product Features

Widely considered some of the best flight simulation monitors on the market today, the Taskmate line of products offer lightweight, durable enclosures and low power consumption. Key features include:

  • Integrated SAW touchscreen capabilities for accurate simulation of in-flight systems
  • NVIS-compatible displays that allow the screen to be read clearly when wearing night vision goggles
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate viewing windows that can withstand years of heavy use
  • Full backwards compatibility to deliver improved form, fit and functionality while allowing you to use your existing simulation programs and platforms
  • Whatever the specifics of your application, Daisy flight simulation monitors offer exceptional value while incorporating cutting-edge features that make training more realistic and more effective.

Make It Daisy! for Quality and Performance

Our standard flight simulator monitors are certified to NEMA standards, meaning they are well-suited for general purpose indoor use. They also offer protection against dirt and dust, oxidation and other damage. We can customize products with specialized enclosures for additional durability and other features, if required. All quality control is performed in our ISO 9001 registered facility, which means we adhere to a strict set of internal processes that ensure the uniform quality of our products.

When upgrading your flight simulators, or expanding your training capacity, you need equipment you can count on to accurately simulate real-world conditions. Daisy monitors are trusted by Fortune 500 companies and major defense contractors. The same commitment to quality that goes into our explosion-proof oil and gas computers can also be found in our plane simulator monitors. For detailed specifications or to request a quote, contact our office by phone or email today.

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