Rugged computers used in the oil industry must operate efficiently despite the harsh environments on outdoor work sites. To operate outside, these rugged PCs feature shatterproof touch screens that are sunlight readable. They are waterproof to NEMA 4x/IP66 standards and have a fanless design and built-in cooling systems to endure extreme temperatures (ranging from -40 to +65°c).

Rugged computers can be mounted in a variety of ways, including rack mount options and are now available in a portable design with all the same rugged features of a workstation.

Division 2, Zone 2 Ratings for Oil and Gas Computers

Rugged computers and displays are rate for Division 1 and Division 2, Zone 2 environments so they can handle the harsh environments of the oil industry. Rugged computers are also NEMA 4X environments, which means they can tolerate the dirt, debris and water common in outdoor oil and gas applications.

Uses of Rugged PCs for Oil and Gas Industry

Rugged computers help streamline operations in the oil industry. They operate without interruption and are frequently used for data acquisition, process automation, fracturing, simulation and modeling, as well as production monitoring.

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